Shoot’em up developer Cave officially announced today that it will be releasing Guwage on XBLA  World wide.

Guwange is a popular Japanese “medieval” bullet hell style schmup that was released in Japanese Arcades back in 1999.   It’s a vertical scrolling shooter that has a very retro and classic style about it.

This will make Cave’s first XBLA title, and they are going to be adding some things tweaks to the game to better fit the XBLA audience.   There will be enhancements to the graphics, and there will be options to tweak the visuals on the screen.   They are also releasing a new mode for the XBLA title called “Arrange mode”.   They say this is to make the game more accessible to players with simplified controls. 

Expect Guwange to appear within the market place on November 10 with a price point of 800 Microsoft Points (10 USD)