For anyone who owns or has ever owned a Xbox, it is a fact that Microsoft Points can be extremely frustrating. A 1600 MS points is equivalent to $20 and 4000 MS points equals $50. Buying that new XBLA game will cost you 1200 MS points, which will leave you with an excess of 400 points. What happens if you don’t want those 400 points? Why can’t you simply purchase the 1200 MS points that you need?

Videogame retailer GameStop recently debuted “Downloadable Content Centers” in more than 4,000 of its stores. These DLC centers allows customers to purchase full XBLA games without the need of Microsoft Points. The company announced two days ago (8/19/10) that the first full digital game that will be offered is the Xbox Live Summer of Arcade title Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light. In addition to XBLA games, the DLC centers will also users to download add-on content, maps, and levels.

The process will look something like this: GameStop customers will walk into the store and will be shown a list of available digital content. They will then choose and purchase their chosen content using any form of payment GameStop accepts, including cash, credit, and trade credits. The customer will then receive a receipt containing the code along with instructions on how to redeem their purchase on their Xbox 360.

“The beauty of our DLC Centers is in the convenience and options it offers our customers when they are looking to purchase add-on packs or full-length DLC content of top-selling titles for console games or popular Xbox Live games,” said GameStop President Tony Bartel in a statement.