Nexon Games has just announced that their brawler/MMO combo game Dungeon Fighter Online will be making it’s way to Xbox Live Arcade. The press release was light on the details, but you can visit the game’s original website and play it through your browser in the meantime. See the press release (translated from Japanese) after the jump. Thanks to @lifelower for the tip.

Nexon, Arad Senki [Xbox360] the start of the development community for the launch of the year – the goal –

Online game distribution business to Nexon Corporation (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President: Choi Seung-Yu / Choi Seung-woo, Nexon or less), a subsidiary of NEXON Korea Corporation (Location: Seoul, Korea, CEO: Seo Min / Min Seo) is a group company NEOPLE Inc (Location: Seoul, Korea, CEO: Kiyou Shin Chul / Kang Shinchoru, Neopuru below), a Korean online game developers and companies Beikoku Softmax Microsoft’s popular action RPG with an Xbox360] [Arad Senki made for joint development, today announced that the launch of the year goal.

Arad Senki [] has developed expertise and console games development company Softmax Neopuru we co-developed the company primarily marketing activities, including worldwide distribution plans are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. In addition, Xbox360] for [Arad Senki of global localization is responsible for Nekusonkoria English, Chinese, Korean, United States Microsoft plans to charge Japanese French German Spanish Italian companies It is.

Nexon’s online games that Xbox360 is the service as a title for the first time that has been further strengthened through the development of multi-platform entry into this course, gamers worldwide for its excellent content it is now possible to unveil.

Nexon is aiming to expand into multi-platform online over the U.S. Microsoft Corporation Xbox LIVE Arcade We are actively developing a new platform to expand into others. Between the two companies to develop and Rokaraizunouhau based piled coming years, PC game we want to show off higher than the mature version.  Arad Senki for [Xbox360] is a network of networks ‘Xbox LIVE’ on-line as a way to play through, as well as existing services MORPG been developed as a launch scheduled for later this year.

Currently, PC online game Arad Senki] is the action ID 200 million worldwide owns a popular RPG, and 2.2 million in China, the highest number of simultaneous connections, concurrent connections by up to 28 million in South Korea recorded and, after another update to a phenomenal record.

Nexon, through a global platform used by many users worldwide, is pleased to be able to roll for global market representative of Nexon content. In the future, as the leader of a global online gaming, we are actively developing content and services to all platforms,?Rimasu order to improve the worldwide online gaming market activity.

The Arad Senki] Arad Senki [] is the skills and effectively use the various weapons, embark on an adventurous journey to save the continent threatened Arad type 2D side-scrolling action RPG. Features a rendition and dynamic easy to complete play every clear the dungeon, as well we can play a game arcade, by form a party with a variety of characters to be used by other players with the character of the individual You can utilize the features and ability to enjoy playing.

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