Dungeon Defenders, after a whole year of being postponed, is finally out and flaunting its massive amount of content all over the place! Admittedly, it’s quite a bit to take on, just as it is quite a bit to learn for the players. So, in true XBLAFans fashion, we’ve got a guide to help those in need! Huge thanks to Zac Lace, Andrew Crews, Todd Schlickbernd and Shawn Saris for their work on this guide. Now, for our readers, there’s a LOT going on in this game and unlike some of our other games, a lot of it is difficult to complete without having tons of good gear and high level characters, so we haven’t completed everything yet. Initially there is a full level guide and character guides to get started with, as well as an FAQ for the multitude of questions people surely have about the details of this game, and an Accomplishment list for the achievement lovers. Not sure if the game is for you? Check out our review! If you like video guides, we have those as well here.

Welcome to Dungeon Defenders

General assistance

Character guides

Level guides

These guides are for easy – hard difficulty, and may not be applicable on Insane.

  1. The Deeper Well
  2. Forges and Foundries
  3. Magus Quarters
  4. Alchemical Laboratory
  5. Servants Quarters
  6. Castle Armory
  7. Hall of Court
  8. Throne Room
  9. Royal Garden
  10. Ramparts
  11. Endless Spires
  12. The Summit
  13. Bonus: Glitterhelm