MTV Networks Entertainment has announced not only the opening of a new developement studio, 345 Studios, but two more games based on shows from their networks. 345 will take creative lead and publishing duties up for Deadliest Warrior: Legends, the sequel to last year’s Deadliest Warrior game. Pipeworks Software will be developing again and will be looking to improve on some aspects of the first game, such as the slightly unbalanced projectile system. They will also be adding a new “Generals” campaign mode which will see skirmishes between factions played out using the simulator from the TV show.

Backbone will be developing a game based on the Comedy Central show Ugly Americans: Apocalypsegeddon. A ton of the people behind the show will be helping with the game, from writers to voice talent. And it will feature an episode’s worth of video in the form of cutscenes. It will be a twin-stick shooter with co-op, RPG elements aswell as character customization options.

Deadliest Warrior: Legends is due out in July and Ugly Americans in August both will be selling for 800 Microsoft points.