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Deadliest Warrior: Legends Quick Facts:


  • Genghis was born to a powerful family. Not long after this father was killed he was taken captive by a warring tribe. He made his escape and began building a reputation as a fearsome warrior.
  • By the age of 25 Genghis had united all of the Mongol tribes under his banner (or put them to the sword). He then began to organize his army for defense of their territory, and to invade new lands.
  • Genghis had no infantry, only heavy and light cavalry.  Each of the heavy cavalry had extra horses to carry gear for long campaigns. This allowed his army to be far more mobile than any he would face.
  • Khan’s army adapted to the enemy, adding siege weapons and enlisting specialists as needed. By 1215 he had breached the Great Wall, adding China to his empire- Korea followed in 1218.
  • In 1219 the Turks got Genghis’ attention by murdering Mongol traders. He brought his armies against Iran, Iraq and Turkey- the region’s population count did not recover until the mid-20th century.
  • In 1222 Genghis added Russia to his empire. By 1226 it stretched from Poland to Korea, and India to the Arctic Sea. After his mysterious death at 60, his son Kublai continued to expand his empire.



Short Range:

Mongol Saber and Shield: The Mongol Saber was designed to be effective from horseback. The heavy, curved blade was long enough to reach ground troops, while short enough to be useable in one-on-one engagements.

Unlockable Weapon: Mongol Mace and Shield: The mace had a heavy head (in this case flanged) attached to a shaft, and is among the oldest of weapons. The mace had one purpose- to cause blunt trauma through any kind of armor.

Mid Range:

Mongol Spear: The Mongol spear had a socketed elongated diamond head mounted to a wood shaft, and had a metal buttcap. Most notably the Mongols used horsehair as a pennant to decorate their spears.

Unlockable Weapon: Glaive: The glaive was a simple polearm- essentially a sword attached to a wood shaft. The Mongols used them from horseback as well as on foot to make large, sweeping attacks.

Long Range:

Mongol Bow: The Mongol bow was a masterpiece of engineering. Wood, horn and sinew were laminated into a bow under such tension that its power rivaled the English longbow while being much shorter.

Unlockable Weapon: Mongol Crossbow: The Mongol had laminated wood and horn limbs attached to a wooden frame. They were designed to be fired from horseback and crossbowmen trained to account for the motion of a running horse.


Light Lamellar Cuirass: Small plates of leather called lamellae were stitched together to form a light and flexible armor. The lightweight armor traded protection for speed on horseback.

Heavy Lamellar Cuirass: Plates of metal called lamellae had holes punched through them and were stitched together. This formed a flexible armor that offered more protection than leather lamellae, although noisy and heavy.

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