Hydrophobia had a shaky launch, it was riddled with bugs and clunky game mechanics. Developers of the game, Dark Energy Digital listened to critics and fans complaints however. This led to the launch of Hydrophobia Pure a significant (and free) update to the game which vastly improved the game in almost every way.

Due to the overwhelming acceptance of the newly remodeled game Dark Energy Digital wanted to make public and developer interaction much easier. And so they have launched Hydrophobia Listening Post. What is it you ask? The ‘listening post’ is a way for you to rate every aspect of Hydrophobia Pure, give your own suggestions and comments as well as request new aspects to be available for rating. The results of these ratings will directly impact the development of future games in the Hydrophobia series.

Hopefully this will become a new trend among more developers both small and big as it would change the way games are updated drastically in the future. You can read the full press release about the listening post, including a quote from Dark Energy Digital’s Creative Director Pete Jones, after the jump.

Hydrophobia Listening Post Launched

At the end of December we launched Hydrophobia Pure; a significant title update for Hydrophobia based on all the feedback from the community. Your feedback helped shape the changes and we want to continue to listen, which is why we have created the Hydrophobia Listening Post – a new way for you to tell us what you want to see in the Hydrophobia universe. At the Hydrophobia Listening Post you can rate every feature of Hydrophobia Pure, add specific suggestions and comments and even suggest aspects of the game you would like to see rated by the community.

The democratic results of these polls will directly influence the priorities of development for future games in the Hydrophobia universe and Dark Energy Digital are committed to delivering on the requests and ideas raised via the listening post as fully as possible.

“ We launched Hydrophobia Pure after conducting extensive research into the issues players and critics had and the features you wanted to see included. We were absolutely blown away by the response you gave us, and the reception Hydrophobia Pure received. We believe there should be a two way relationship between developer and players, and as such we are committed to continuing the philosophy of collecting and acting upon your feedback to our games. ” – Pete Jones, Joint Creative Director

Hydrophobia Pure launched on 21st December as a free title update and coincided with a price drop to 800 points.

The Hydrophobia Listening Post can be found at www.hydrophobia-game.com/listening.php