The 2011 Dream.Build.Play results are in, and Swing Swing Submarine’s Blocks That Matter has emerged as the grand prize winner. The puzzle/platformer mash-up will take home $40,000 and a chance at an XBLA publishing contract. In the game, you are a Tetrobot on a mission to save your creators. You drill through blocks to gather them up and place them in sets in order to progress through the levels and collect, well, special blocks that matter. We had a lot of fun with Blocks That Matter and gave it an enthusiastic “Buy it!!” in our review last May.

A big congratulations to Blocks That Matter and to the rest of the Dream.Build.Play winners:

In addition to receiving prizes of $20,000, $10,000, and $5,000, all of the top prize winners will receive a chance to have their game published on XBLA. Honorable mentions go out to the following games as well: