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While the game definitely divides gamers out there into two groups, one that love it, and the other that despise it, it seems like the former has voiced their opinion strongly. The glorified 6-player boss rush was the number 1 selling XBLA title for the week of August 2, although only 15 for overall online activity.

In the game you and 5 friends take on the role of 5 characters from the past Castlevania games (Jonathan/Charlotte from Portrait of Ruin, Shanoa from Order of Ecclesia, Soma from Aria/Dawn of Sorrow, and the fan favorite Alucard from Symphony of the Night) and rush through a maze of a level to fight a boss, the catch? Only 30 minutes to get there, and beat him. No pausing, and dying lowers your time gastronomically.

The game itself can be completed in about 2 hours, depending on your skill level. But the fun doesn’t come from completing the title, instead it is more of a classic style where the fun comes from memorizing the levels, completing in a faster time, and farming for treasure drops.

If you are a Castlevania fan at all you will definitely want to look into this title, and if you are wary because your favorite character isn’t in the game, fret not! Partnernet leaks have revealed that a chibi-style Maria from Rondo of Blood, and Julius Belmont from Aria of Sorrow. Also in this upcoming DLC wave is a pyramid level from Portrait of Ruin.

Now to sign off here is a list of the titles that Castlevania beat and was beaten by.

Xbox 360 Top LIVE Titles (based on UU’s)

  1. Modern Warfare 2
  2. Halo 3
  3. Call of Duty: WaW
  4. Call of Duty 4
  5. FIFA 10
  6. Red Dead Redemption
  7. GTA IV
  8. Gears of War 2
  9. Battlefield Bad Co. 2
  10. Left 4 Dead 2
  11. Halo 3: ODST
  12. Forza Motorsport 3
  13. LIMBO
  14. Madden NFL 11 demo
  15. Castlevania Harmony of Despair
  16. Hydro Thunder Hurricane
  17. Madden NFL 10
  18. Trials HD
  19. NCAA Football 11
  20. NBA 2K10

Top Arcade Titles (Full Versions purchased)

  1. Castlevania Harmony of Despair
  2. LIMBO
  3. Hydro Thunder Hurricane
  4. Deadliest Warrior
  5. Trials HD
  6. Castle Crashers
  8. Blacklight: Tango Down
  9. DeathSpank
  10. UNO
  11. Game Room **
  12. Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2
  13. Toy Soldiers
  14. Battlefield 1943
  15. Magic: The Gathering
  16. Marvel vs. Capcom 2
  17. Worms 2- Armageddon
  18. Hasbro Family Game Night *
  19. Peggle
  20. Monkey Island 2 Special Edition: LeChuck’s Revenge

**Combined sales of all Game Room titles
*Combined sales of all Hasbro Family Game Night titles

Source: Major Nelson