This guide is for all you budding achievement hunters out there to use to get the Moneybags Achievement in Beyond Good & Evil. There is also a list of all the Animals and their locations towards the bottom, as you’ll need to get 48 of them to get some of the Pearls.

Now there is a known glitch with this achievement, where after collecting the required 80/88 it does not unlock. We’ve found a possible work around (below the spoiler warning) but it would be great if anyone can let us know in the comments below whether they are having any other problems.


This comes from Public Forums – Written by Echtzeit (Brownie points for him)
Near the end, when you get the mission to find the space ship, SAVE before doing anything. I don’t know the correct order, but I messed it up the first time and the achievement didn’t pop. E.g. I bought the stabilizer before entering the codes into the console and went then on to the get the volcano treasure. That time, no achievement. When I re-did the section in another order, everything went fine.

Here is a list off all 88 Pearls found in Beyond Good & Evil. I’ve tried to be as detailed as possible with the more cryptic ones, hopefully they are all easy to find for you:

1. Dom-Z Lighthouse Monster: Kill the one and only Dom-Z mantrap monster.
2. Dom-Z Sea Serpent: Earn another pearl after leaving Mammago’s Garage the first time.
3. Looters’ Cavern 1: There are two beaches in the beginning area of the world (the water body which contains the lighthouse, Mammago’s, etc.). The one we are interested in is the larger one. You have to drive up on the beach and enter the cave there. If you progress slowly forward, a looter will steal 100 units from you. Then the chase begins. Turbo boost the entire time, and avoid anything red. If you are fast enough, and don’t die in the process, you will come out in a small area where Pey’j will tell you to shoot the looter. Do as the pig says, and you will be rewarded with a nice shiny pearl.
4. Science Insititute Set 2: Snapshot 16 animals for this pearl. (See below for more information on the animals)
5. Francis’ Game: Bet Francis in the Akuda Bar and win.
6. Rufus’ Booty: Inside locked room #2 in the Akuda Bar; read the code under Rufus’ paw. An easy way to get this code is to go upstairs by Peepers, and use your camera to zoom all the way in to that table. You should be able to read the code from there.
7. Science Insititute Set 3: Snapshot 24 animals for this pearl. (See below for more information on the animals)
8. Race 1: Compete and win first place in race 1 inside the city for this pearl. Very easy.
9. Race 2: Compete and win first place in race 2 inside the city for this pearl. Very easy.
10. Dom-Z Pterolimax: Fight and kill the boss in Black Isle for this one.
11. Science Insititute Set 4: Snapshot 32 animals for this pearl. (See below for more information on the animals)
12. Pearl Crochax: Inside the Alpha Section Underground.
13. Alpha Section Pearl: In the Akuda bar in the Pedestrian District, head upstairs and through the first door you see. There is a goat-person here. Talking to him will result in him giving you a code. Head to fountain square, the part of the Pedestrian District blocked off by the Alpha Section. Walk around until you see a locked door. You can open it with the key you get in the factory. Inside, there are some boxes of materia crystals, and a locked box with a pearl in it. Use the code you received from the goat to open it.
14. Nouri’s Pearl: One of Nouri’s pearls.
15. Ming Tzu Pearl: Buy this from Ming Tzu.
16. Alpha Section Pearl: In the Pedestrian District, there is a place called Transit. Access a puzzle by moving a locker to the left. Complete the puzzle to find the pearl.
17. Science Insititute Set 5: Snapshot 40 animals for this pearl. (See below for more information on the animals)
18. Looters’ Cavern 2: This little subquest can be found by trying to enter the right hand arch going towards the top of the map from the main area. A sentry drone will try to stop you, but your handy-dandy cannon which can be bought from Mammago’s for 5 pearls will take care of it. Just wait until it locks on, and watch the fireworks. Then zoom on past him to the next screen. The beach here conceals a cave which in turn conceals another looter out to snag 100 or so of your units. Chase him down and engage in aggressive negotiations until he relinquishes a pearl.
19. Alpha Section Pearl: This pearl is in the factory. Find the area of the third floor called the Laboratory. (Go from the elevator room through the door marked “Laboratory” to the west wing, and then down the passage, not through the elevator, to the laboratory). Here, push the cylinders to the outsides of the two ends of the electric fence. This will divert the electricity, allowing you to pass through. In this room is a locker containing the pearl.
20. Dom-Z factory Robot Boss: Kill the really annoying boss at the factory with the soldier’s help.
21. Dom-Z torture machine: Inside the factory where Agent MM is held.
22. The Reaper mini-boss in the factory: Pick it up using the hovercraft after the fight.
Pearls 23 to 27 are Hillyans’ Donations, and are all obtained from IRIS. You get them upon returning to the IRIS Den after your factory mission, where a room has been filled with pearls. Just take the one in the center to take all of these pearls.
28. Science Insititute Set 6: Snapshot 48 animals for this pearl. (See below on more information on the animals)
Pearls 29 to 38 are all taken back from the Alpha Section: Behind the laser barrier with the star key lock, across from the fountain in the Pedestrian District. The star key is given to you by the governor after finishing The Slaughter House.
Pearls 39-41 are all taken back from the Alpha Section: they are found in the Alpha Sections Underground, located in a cave outside the city. You need the Neutralizing blaster for the hovercraft to get past the guard.
Pearls 42 to 44 are in Alpha Sections HQ. This can be accessed in the Pedestrian District. There is a barred door which Double H can break through
45. Francis’ Pearl: Francis’ second game is just as bad. Beat him at his own game.
46. Nouri’s Pearl: Nouri’s other pearl
47. Mig Tzu’s Peaerl: Ming Tzu’s pearls can be bought; for 4000 cees.
48. Alpha Section Pearl: In the main path to The Slaughter House
49. Looters’ Cavern 3: After you purchase the Jump Kit from Mammago’s, use your turbo to go towards the red fence near the lighthouse. Jump over the fence (wait until you are very close). Once you are over, turn around and look for a beach on one of the islands connected to the fence (When you are facing the fence, it is to the right of the lighthouse). Once you a have entered the cave on this beach, just chase the looter through his little run and then shoot him until he gives up a pearl.
50. Dom-Z Sea Serpent: This serpent attacks after the Slaughter House mission.
51. Looters’ Cavern 4: Use the Jump Kit from Mammago’s to jump over the fence near the lighthouse, and head off forward and slightly to the right. You should eventually come to an island with a beach (the Pearl Detector can be helpful here). Enter the cave on the beach and chase down the looter as usual.
52. Alpha Section Pearl: In the main path to The Slaughter House
Pearls 53 to 64 are Hillyans’ Donations: Given to you by IRIS after you finish the Slaughterhouse mission.
65. Alpha Section Pearl: Enter the Main Canal from the main area, and then take the first left. You will come to a red laser fence. Jump this fence with the Jump Kit from Mammago’s. Move around this area until you find a box floating in the water. Shoot it a few times to reveal the pearl.
66. Ming Tzu’s Pearl: The last of Ming Tzu’s pearls.
Pearls 67-69 are taken back from the Alpha Sections: Located behind the door with the triangle lock, across the bridge from Akuda Bar. The triangle key is at the Factory. Be sure to push the object blocking your path to the left, and not to the right, because that would effectively ruin your chances of getting this pearl.
71. Race 3: Compete and win first place in race 3 near the slaughterhouse.
72. Race 4: Win first place in race 4. The timer starts as soon as the race loads.
73. Dom-Z Sea Serpent: This serpent attacks after you get the spaceship working
Pearls 74-88 are all on Volcano Crochax: After you get the spaceship, go to the Volcano on top of Black Isle. Here, just kill each Pearl Crochax to get its pearl.

Now as promised, here is a list of all the Animals and where to find them:

1. Flying bug – Inside the lighthouse after getting the camera.
2. Homosapiens – Inside the lighthouse, or any human.
3. Armadillo – Outside the lighthouse.
4. Seagull – Flying outside the lighthouse.
5. Big white dog – Sleeping inside the lighthouse.
6. Goat person – At the lighthouse or Akuda Bar room #1.
7. Flying bug – Kick the wood barrel inside the lighthouse.
8. Pig person – Pey’j anytime before the Factory mission.

Earn the Zoom Lens before heading to the garage.

9. Rhino person – Mammago’s Garage.
10. Sea Serpent – Fossil in ocean cave near Black Isle or any Dom-Z Sea Serpent.
11. Bovine person – The Akuda Bar bartender, ped-district.
12. Anteater person – The hustler at Akuda Bar, ped-district.
13. Chicken person – News vendor, city’s pedestrian district.
14. Walrus person – City’s pedestrian district or Ming Tzu.
15. Flying bug – Black Isle entrance.
16. Exploding fungus – Black Isle, ancient mine.

Earn Pearl #4

17. Crystal anenome – Black Isle, or Volcano.
18. Chronax/Flying thing – Black Isle, Factory, or Volcano.
19. Opaque jellyfish – Black Isle or Volcano.
20. Transluscent jellyfish – Black Isle or Volcano.
21. Glowing wall stalk – Black Isle, hanging on the walls.
22. Giant snail – Inside Black Isle.
23. Flying glow worm – Black Isle, ancient mine (kick power box).
24. Disappearing amoeba – Black Isle, ancient mine

Earn Pearl #7

25. Star Wars Aliens – Black Isle air-duct/entrance (post-wrench)
26. Snail dinosaur – Black Isle air-duct/entrance (post-wrench)
27. Flying nautlius – Black Isle (post-wrench)
28. Bug pokemon – Black Isle (post-wrench)
29. Black Isle Boss – Black Isle.
30. Scorpion fish – In the Hillys ocean.
31. Cat person – IRIS HQ in the ped-district.
32. Flying manta – Hillys ocean near the Factory.

Earn Pearl #11

33. Red breaching whale – Hillys ocean near Black Isle.
34. Blue breaching whale – Hillys ocean near Slaughterhouse
35. Flying manta #2 – Hillys ocean near Slaughterhouse
36. Fireflies – Tree outside lighthouse (night only).
37. Shed bugs – Ped-district shed (need food and passcode)
38. Macropedia worm – Alpha Section Underground Area
39. Blue Vorax – Factory entrance.
40. Black rat – Almost anywhere in the Factory and Slaughterhouse

Earn Pearl #17

41. Dom Z Sarcophogi – Factory ambush
42. Brown mouse/rodent – Factory, x-ray verification room
43. Cyclops-reaper – Factory mini-boss.
44. Mosquito – Factory lab; on dead cow’s nose.
45. Spiders – Factory, near jet shoes (also maintenance lift?)
46. Dipnoifish – Hangar docks or in Factory area after meeting with Agent MM.
47. Frogs – Vorax Lair entrance, and other places.
48. Water worm – Slaughterhouse Quarter

Earn Pearl #28

49. Koi fish in Ming Tzu’s shop – Ming Tzu’s, ped-district
50. Flying trilobite – Slaughterhouse entrance
51. Fire pokemon – Slaughterhouse surveillance room (go across the gate to dead end)
52. Bubble creature – Slaughterhouse, trolley entrance.
53. Just another amoeba – Slaughterhouse after the bubble creature – press switch
54. Yet another amoeba – Inside the Volcano, at the hovercraft dock.
55. Zlegotter – After lighthouse is destroyed, the animal on the lighthouse is shootable.
56. Big Ass space whale – In outer space; use the spaceship.

Earn Bonus mDisk

That’s it. Hopefully you now have a nice shiny achievement to show off with. Again, if you have any problems please feel free to let us know in the comment section below.
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Source – Xbox360Achievements, IGN