Have you ever wondered what a zombie apocalypse would play out like?  Sure, we all have.  But what about a zombie apocalypse in a zoo?  Would cheetah zombies still be slow?  We will all find out soon enough.  High Voltage Software has announced that Animales de la Muerte is heading to XBLA.

Animales de la Muerte is a top-down shooter set in a Mexican zoo that has been overrun by zombie animals.  Your job is to save what non-zombie animals are left for your Grandfather, the zoo owner.  Take control of Marco or Maria Mendoza and start killing zombie animals in the bloodiest way possible.  A wide variety of weapons and the ability to learn new “legendary attacks” will help you sift through the mess.  The game features 2-player co-op and is sure to set PETA off.  No price or release date has been announced as of yet, but we’ll be sure to post more information as it becomes available.  Here’s the trailer for the once Wii Ware exclusive: